Natasha Vizcarra is a freelance science writer and editor who has contributed to Ensia, Forests News, Landscape News, Science Findings, and High Country News. She was a writer, assistant editor and eventually editor for Sensing Our Planet: NASA Earth Science Research Features for ten years. As a journalist in the Philippines, her work appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Graphic Magazine, the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, the Philippines Free Press, the Union of Catholic Asian News and the Associated Press. Natasha is also known in the Philippines as an award winning children’s book author and an award-winning children’s magazine editor.

Natasha earned a B.A. in Communication (major in Journalism) and an M.A. in English Studies (major in Creative Writing) from the University of the Philippines, and a masters’ degree in Education (major in Environmental Education) from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She also provides writing and editing services to Philippine and international nonprofit organizations, universities and corporate clients. She lives in the Boulder-Denver area.

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