Children’s Books

Natasha writes children’s books in various genres. She uses her experience as a science writer to research and write nonfiction and informational fiction. Natasha’s children’s books have been published by Scholastic, North Star Editions, Tahanan Books, and others. Here are her forthcoming and recent titles.

Blizzards (learn about wild weather)

A blizzard is a storm with high winds that blow snow around. It lasts for more than three hours. Experts say climate change is making these storms even fiercer. Discover why blizzards happen, how they are measured, and how we can prepare for them in Blizzards, a perfect first introduction to the topic for young readers. A book for grades 2 to 4. This forthcoming title is published by Scholastic and will be released on January 7, 2025. Pre-order now.

Cover image of the children's book Tundra in Danger: The Earth at Risk, by Natasha Vizcarra


Tundra in Danger investigates one of the Earth’s most unforgiving ecosystems, and the plants and animals that have adapted to survive in it. Readers will learn about the threats facing this fascinating biome ― and what each of us can do to help. Published by Scholastic (September 3, 2024 release). A book for grades 3 to 9. Pre-order now.

Cover of Forest Canopy Ecologists (Extreme Scientists), a children's book by Natasha Vizcarra


Forest Canopy Ecologists is an exciting look at scientists who climb high into treetops to study plants and animals. Large photos and short paragraphs of easy-to-read text make it accessible and engaging. Published by North Star Editions (August 1, 2024 release). This Hi-Lo children’s book is for interest levels grades 3 to 9, with a reading level of grade 3. Pre-order now.

Cover of Muscular System (Your Amazing Body), a children's book by Natasha Vizcarra


This book explores our muscular system from head to toe. Our muscular system helps keep us upright and gives us the power to stand, sit, run, smile, and more. Published by Scholastic (February 2024). A book for grades 3 to 9. Order now.

Cover of Spikeys, Prikes & Prongies, a children's book by Natasha Vizcarra


Tita Baby catches covid-19 in Manila, quarantines herself, and is vaccinated. The story weaves science with recent history–explaining how the virus spread, how it affected Filipinos, and how families kept each other safe. Published by Tahanan Books. A book for grades 3 to 6. Order now.